Our Story

Thai Plaswood Company Limited was established in 1991 as a manufacturer and distributor. The first plastwood sheet manufacturer in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With the determination to conserve resources and the environment. We bring innovation and advanced technology from Germany to produce “Plastwood”, a material that has been invented to be used instead of real wood. With outstanding features and superior to real wood in all respects. Also, all “plastwood” products can be recycled and re-manufactured. Therefore can be considered a truly environmentally friendly material.

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Mountain Brand

We have created many other types of “plastwood” products, such as flat sheetsroofing sheetsceilingsflooring, and slats, to be an alternative material that can meet the needs of the road. Architecture is becoming more and more complex with advertisements and furniture advertisements every day.

Take Care Of Production

Over the past 28 years, the company has taken care of the production from the beginning of the blending process until the packaging of the products for delivery to the customers. country, Therefore, we are the first and only manufacturer in Thailand to receive the certificate from Material Connexion Institute which certified plastwood into the new building material registration under the Polymers category and the production certificate from ISO9001 and Industrial Product Standard (TISI). Currently, Thai Plastwood products Limited, widely popular Which has been applied to replace wood, aluminum, acrylic, metal sheet, tiles, and many other materials.


The leading manufacturer and distributor of plastwood sheets and vinyl roofs in Thailand.


  • Develop the market and create awareness and reach consumers nationwide.
  • Expanding sales and distribution bases
  • Control the quality of production and service.
  • Reduce costs and errors at every step.
  • Take care of personnel and the environment.


Honest, Unity, Morality

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