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Plastwood sheet is a material that was invented to replace wood. Made from high quality plastic (Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride or uPVC) has many outstanding features superior to real wood which is waterproof, heat resistant, silent because it is soundproofing, lightweight, strong, durable, does not rot, does not swell, does not burn, termite, insect and mold, does not bite Mountain brand plastwood sheet suitable for both exterior and interior use. Can be bent, curled and not recovered by using high heat Also can drill or stencil beautifully as desired The color of the product is white, so can create the work according to the desired color without having to paint additional foundation. It is also easy to use because it can be used with carpentry tools as normal.

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Thai Plastwood Company Limited We are a manufacturer and distributor. The first plastwood sheet and vinyl roofing in Thailand and Southeast Asia With modern production technology imported from Germany under the brand “Mountain”, the product of Thai Plaswood Company Limited Plastwood is commonly used instead of plywood because of its superior properties to real wood in every way, strong, durable, waterproof and moisture. PlastRoof vinyl roofing sheet with Interlock system and 2-in-1 function installed. Convenient, fast, Vinyl PlasTo drainage water, beautiful appearance. Modern, modern style Ceiling and wall panels (PlastCeil) that are lightweight Is sound and heat insulation Helping the house cool, saving on electricity bills Plastex floor is strong, not decaying, not swollen, no worries about termites and insects, and PlastPole that meets all styles. Both interior and exterior decoration

Over the past 28 years, the company has given importance to taking care of every step of the production from the beginning of the mixing process until delivering to the customers. Therefore, we are the only manufacturer in the country that has been certified for ISO9001 and Thai Industrial Standards (TIS). All customers can be confident that the quality of products and services from the company meet international standards and with environmentally friendly production processes. Our customers and partners have also helped to conserve. Nature and reduce global warming It can also be recycled, so it can be considered a truly environmentally friendly material.

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Outstanding features of mountain brand plastwood

  • Waterproof and moisture, can be immersed in water
  • Durable, non-weathering, not swollen
  • No problem with termites, insects and mold.
  • Not flame
  • Can print or spray color
  • Can be used with all types of carpentry
  • Can be bent by heating
  • Heat insulation

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