The mountain brand products of Thai Plastwood Company are manufactured from premium grade vinyl. Combined with other ingredients, it is rolled and pressed with a roller to form a hard vinyl sheet that can be applied without boundaries, known as THE BOUNDLESS APPLICATION. Our products include roofing sheets, ceilings, floors, gutters and Smooth sheets that look like plywood but with a smooth, glossy surface can be modified into workpieces to meet the different needs of customers.

        Plastwood sheet is suitable to be used as a substitute for real wood due to its superior properties, which are waterproof and moisture resistant able to soak in water without decay, not swollen, no termites to disturb and not spread fire like real wood In addition, the plastwood sheet is lightweight. It is heat and sound insulation Resistant to various chemical corrosion Can also be bent and curled With these features, our products are very popular nowadays because they meet the needs of modern buildings and also contribute to preserving the environment by reducing the cutting of trees.