Mountain Brand Plastwood Sheet

        Plastwood sheet is a material that was invented to replace wood. Made from high-quality plastic (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC) has many outstanding features superior to real wood which is waterproof, heat resistant, silent because it is soundproofing, lightweight, strong, durable, does not rot, does not swell, does not burn, termite, insect, and mold does not bite Plain brand plastwood sheet Suitable for both external and internal use Can be bent, curled and not recovered by using high heat Also can drill or stencil beautifully as desired The color of the product is white, so can create the work according to the desired color without having to add more primers. It is also easy to use because it can be used with carpentry tools as normal.

* Depending on the type and type of product

The specialness of the plastwood sheet compared with the wood

Heat resistance
Fire resistance
Chemical resistance
Weight (kg / sqm) 6.512
Smooth surface
Easy to install
Durable strength

Outstanding features of mountain brand plastwood

      Resistant to corrosion, corrosion, and humidity Therefore not swell

      Eliminate termites, moths, beetles or fungi that will eat

     Resistant to chemicals

      Thermal insulation properties

      Prevent resonance

      Colors can be printed or painted on plastwood sheets

      Not burning 

      Can be used with all types of carpentry tools

      Plastwood sheet is a thermoplastic material that can be bent into various shapes by heat